Spokane, WA May 4, 2015 – B The Keeper is proud to be working with Elite Sports Skills International this summer, where up and coming shot stoppers can participate in a specialized goal keeper training in Spokane.

Goal keepers need training too, and this specialized summer camp is dedicated to helping youth soccer goal keepers better themselves by learning skills, and training specifically pertaining to goal keeping.

Learn to save more balls at B The Keeper Goal Keeper Training in Spokane - BTheKeeper.com

Want to be a Shot Stopper? Then you need to be at the B The Keeper Goal Keeper Training in Spokane.

“It’s not that often that there is a dedicated youth goal keeper training that is held in Spokane for young keepers. We decided to add this special clinic just for those players that really want to up their game in and around the box,” commented Brian Liston-Clark, Director of Elite Sports Skills.

Many a club leaves their players to fend for themselves when it comes to goal keeper training.  So Elite Sports Skills and B The Keeper will be filling the gap on August 18th and 19th in the Spokane area.

The B The Keeper goal keeper training is ideal for the young soccer goal keeper and for the field player who wants to learn more about the goal keeper position.

Goal Keeper Training in Spokane – August 2015

Here are Five Things that Every Goal Keeper will Learn at the B The Keeper Summer Camp:

  • The Basics of Warming Up
  • How to Have Increased Confidence in Goal
  • Learn All Aspects Related to Being a Top Goalkeeper
  • Goalkeeper Specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Do at Home Goalkeeping Activities for Continued Improvement

This camp will have something for every youth goal keeper – from basic to advance training. And keepers will be put into age and appropriate skill level groups.

For the youth soccer coach that rotates goal keepers, what better way to help your players understand the position and stop more balls from going in the net.

For the recreational and select coach – what better way to help your dedicated keepers play the position they love and enjoy.

So if your goal keeper wants to hone and sharpen his or her shot stopping skills for that last tournament of the summer, or the coming fall season – make sure to register for B The Keeper goal keeper training in Spokane.

To Register and for More Information – Check out the Goal Keeper Training on the ESS Summer Camps page.

Goalie Gloves for B the Keeper

Reusch Keon SG OT Junior Orthotec Goalkeeper gloves

Reusch Keon SG OT Junior Orthotec Goalkeeper Gloves

In September of 2010, “B” broke her wrist while in the box playing against Three Rivers in the Tri Cities. It was a heck of a match and she even finished playing but in serious pain and not a happy camper. She had broken this same wrist one other time and had had it pinned, so there was a concern about complications with the growth plate.

This incident lead to a search for not only better quality goalkeeper gloves, but also goalkeeper gloves that provided finger protection and were reinforced.

Reusch Goalie Gloves

So the search was on to find glove that fit the bill and didn’t break the bank. In the end she wound up with Reusch Keon SG OT Junior Orthotec goalie gloves. Now at the time these gloves happen to fit both the budget and quality requirement. They were a good fit and it turned out that she really liked these gloves a lot. This lead to quite a few reorders until she outgrew them and had to wear the next largest size.

When that time came to go to the larger sized gloves she did check out a few other brands, but still decided that Reusch goalie gloves provided the best quality and support.

Three Features and Benefits that the Reusch Quest Orthotec model provides are:

Reusch Keon Quest OT Goalie Glove

Reusch Keon Quest OT Goalie Gloves

  1. Maximum Protection for the keeper’s fingers.
  2. High quality foam that provides good grip and high abrasion resistance.
  3. Very flexible, yet durable Soft PVC on the backhand of the glove.

Today she is using Reusch Keon Quest OT goalie gloves and really likes the way they fit, the grip and the finger protection. She has also used the Keon SG OT gloves in the past but the Quest model is a “Keeper” for now.

All in all the Reusch Orthotec goalkeeper gloves have been really great and helped to protect against further wrist injury. “B” has seen and lived this first hand for over two and a half years and even had several cases where the finger supports (what are referred to as stays) helped prevent hyper extension and further injury to her wrist.

So if you are looking for quality goalie gloves that stand up to heavy use, check out Reusch Orthotec goalie gloves with finger protection. Because if you are concerned about wrist and finger injury these gloves are worth the money.